EAW Security - Security Solutions

EAW Security - Security Solutions

EAW Security has been offering security solutions for 30 years. We are based out of Blue Bell, PA and serve across New Jersey and Virginia. We offer a wide range of security products to protect you from threats and unwanted incidents. Security solutions for us are not just about preventing incidents. They are also about helping to investigate incidents. We offer our services to school districts, federal government, private sector, utilities. Our systems are fully net workable with a user-friendly interface, and they come at affordable prices. EAW security specializes in products and services that enhance your security.

We provide

  • More than basic security needs
  • Best possible results
  • Cameras with Advanced technology
  • Excellent support services
  • Assessment services

Our services


  • Access Control / Electronic Lock System
  • Digital Surveillance Cameras
  • Narcotics Tracking Systems
  • Guard Tour Systems
  • Key Tracking Cabinets

Data Hosting/Locksmith Services

  • Off-Site hosting solutions for your access control system
  • Lock / Door hardware and services for your locksmith needs

EAW Security works to keep clients safe from intruders. If you want a professional to install your security system and you are looking for the latest security solutions, call us today. We also provide security assessment. You can expect the best when you contact us.